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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Corruption In India - I Paid A Bribe

I was in US for a short time and surprised how straight forward the system works there. No one dares to bribe a DMV officer who is checking vehicles on road, but willing to pay $100, $525 or even double the amount in double fine zones. I thought about it and then read "Truth and Transformation : A Manifesto to Ailing Nations" by Indian philosopher Vishal Mangalwadi and understood what made western countries different and how even they are losing that differentiator over the years.

I was thinking about my country, India. Beloved former president Abdul Kalam made many students take pledge 'to say no to corruption', but I do not see changes in ground over the years. Then I came across '' and liked the initiative, though it may be limited to few cities and now in Bangalore. Yes, it is a very good start, let us give thumps up and try to clean-up our little backyard and our own influence circles. What we can do ? Decide not to pay bribe. If possible, question policies, Put in internet the actual process to follow, expose corruption, use licensed softwares, encourage upright officers and many more.

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