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Friday, December 3, 2010

William Wilberforce, A Role Model

William Wilberforce ( 1759 – 1833): I am sure this name may not be familiar with many today. He is my role model as a politician. He was a British parliamentarian and is credited to be behind abolition of slavery in entire British empire including India in 1833. He became a Christian in 1785 and sought guidance from John Newton, former slave trader (who decided to follow Christ by then). As per Newton's advise Wilberforce continued in politics and took up causes like fight for the abolition of slavery based on his Christian conviction, His conviction was so indepth, so that spent his whole life for that purpose.

What a model to follow?

When I look at corruption all around in India, I feel we need politicians of this caliber and conviction. I wish more evangelical christians in India to have entered politics. I never heard many names apart from Vishal Mangalwadi who worked with BSP for some years.

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