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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pirated to Free - Way to Ubuntu

If you consider switching to Ubuntu (Linux for Humans!) which is ofcourse free (free as in free salvation, some one else paid the price with their time and effort), be sure to read the switching guide from Microsoft Windows. The link for the guide is here.

Advantages of Ubuntu over Windows

  • You save money as Ubuntu is free
  • Ubuntu is stable (Think of virus in windows world and understand there is no 'reliable' virus in Ubuntu....Free virus vs. Virus free world)
  • Ubuntu is open
  • You can make copies of CDs and give to your friends too
  • Community will help you
  • Open office which will replace Microsoft office is free too!
  • And many more..
But it needs one thing...Your willingness to try out and learn little bit :)
Wish you happy linuxing..and freedom from piracy

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